Hope This Works / 2014

Hope This Works / 2014


We are Shark Punch


Coming straight outta the East Bay, CA punk scene, Shark Punch is an energetic, electrifying, brass driven 8 piece Ska Punk band. Though classified as a "SkaPunk" band the boys love to take blends of other genres/styles of music and reach farther than just your usual ska. Like tapping into harder punk genres, diving into surf themes and also throwing in a blend of rocksteady attitude

The band first got together in 2014 (Dustin, Miguel, Dylan and Sergio) as a group of guys who had a drive for making ska punk music and needed that creative outlet. Together they formed Shark Punch and quickly got to work on their sound. After spending a few months writing a few songs they realize that to be a skapunk band you need horns. Since not knowing personally any horn players they set out to CSU East Bay to put out flyers saying "Tromboners Wanted". To their surprise two trombone players answered the call (Noah and Nick) 

During December of 2015 they recorded their first independent album "Hope This Works" at Art of Ears studio with well-known recording engineer Andy "Andro" Ernst who also recorded Green Day, Rancid and other well-known recording artists.

Since their inception Shark Punch has played in many iconic Bay Area venues, festivals and colleges. Venues/Festivals including DNA Lounge, 924 Gilman, Downtown Hayward Street Fair, Mayfest 2018 and The Uptown.

Current Members

Vocals / Dustin Rose
Guitar / Thomas Blackard
Bass , Vocals / Miguel Munoz
Drums / Dylan Murphy
Saxophone / Michael J. Booker
Trombone / Noah Ortiz
Trombone / Chris Lundeen
Trumpet / Andy Sono

Past Members

Guitar / Sergio Collazo
Guitar / Zack Chandler
Trombone / Nicolas Rosario
Trumpet / Chris Kerner





News & Updates



Anyone who tries and succeeds to keep Ska-Punk alive is a-okay in my book. Favorite song Drifton
— Felix , Fan
Glad to see there are still new ska bands popping up with the type of kick ass horns that aren’t afraid to walk right up to you and smack you in the fucking face. Adrenaline fueled punk with in-your-face horns. This is why music exists
— "Nerd Ferguson" , Online Fan
Shark Punch took the stage, as if they owned it.

They wasted no time getting comfortable, and pumped up the crowd with their loud voices and charged music. Their sweet music took me back to the days of early 2000’s garage bands, with their unique voices and care-free lyrics
— Victoria Hunt, Editor SF Foghorn